A Private, Decentralised Blockchain Platform Focusing on Store-Of-Wealth Solutions.

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The Citadel Network

Building A Digital Fortress For All Of Your Finances.

The Citadel Network is a peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptographic network where users can transact by sending economic value to one another.

The Citadel project comprises two primary entities - the Citadel Network, being the underlying blockchain-based cryptographically-secure infrastructure for sending economic value in the form of CTL tokens between users, and the Citadel Platform, a diverse and flexible ecosystem of digital, identity and e-commerce services for consumers globally.


All transactions are stored on a secure, shared public ledger known as the Citadel Blockchain, while being completely anonymous and reveal no information about the sender and receiver. The Network's robust distributed infrastructure serves as the backbone for the multi-layered, decentralized digital services architecture known as Citadel Platform.

Citadel Network Is:

The Citadel Platform

Bridging the adoption gap between Decentralized Ledger Technology and the Consumer Services Economy

The Citadel Platform is a secure, cost-effective and multi-faceted architecture for delivering digital services to anywhere in the world. Its primary application ecosystem, known as the Sentinel Framework, will serve as an open, flexible and fully programmable network of distributed nodes where decentralized applications (Sentinel Apps) can be hosted and run.

Leveraging the power of Citadel Network's underlying decentralized infrastructure and expanding its scope with the infinite flexibility that is afforded by the Sentinel Framework, allows the platform to create a wealth of immutable digital services with a cost-friendly commercial profile ready for mass business and consumer adoption.

Some of the key service components of the Citadel Platform are:

BitKYC - One Key. All Global Services.

BitKYC Protocol is Citadel Platform's Smart Identity Management Service (SIMS), and is an on-chain identity registration, encryption and verification service. The purpose of BitKYC is to create a viable mechanism through which digital identities can be created, administered and recognized by any service provider worldwide.

Each user's identity, once verified, grants the registrant a unique cryptographic key (C-Key) with which all services can be accessed seamlessly and securely. Such identities will be persistent and reusable across all services provided by Citadel Platform at first, and later on integrated into large scale, traditional ID-based services such as the ones provided by world governments, law enforcement agencies, financial and commercial service providers, regional authorities and others, and in doing so, Citadel aims to disrupt the fractured global landscape and create a consistent and unified method of identity management with equal participation for every global citizen.

BitKYC ensures that each person's unique identity corresponds to a cryptographic key that cannot be altered, cannot be compromised and cannot be stolen. Furthermore, due to Citadel Network's unique privacy-by-default nature, any identity issued by Citadel cannot be detected or discovered even before, after and during verification using BitKYC.

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Sentinel Network - Create And Run Thousands of Decentralized Private Applications

Sentinel Network is Citadel Platform's robust, open, digital services architecture where developers can author decentralized applications (Sentinel Apps) using a set of built-in development tools, publish them to thousands of active, high-redundancy Sentinel Nodes around the world and have millions of users engage and collaborate with complete privacy.

Sentinel Nodes are Citadel Platform's main driver of scalability. These nodes are run trustlessly by network participants who receive a fee for on-demand service delivery and operation by consumers directly. As there are no centralized intermediaries involved and services are only consumed on-demand, the ecosystem creates the economic conditions needed to keep both consumers and service providers equally motivated to participate.

Citadel's redundant network architecture allows Sentinel Apps to seamlessly switch between multiple Sentinel Nodes in the event of node failure, eliminating the risk of database corruption and reduced availability. This allows applications to have operational and security assurances that are essential to mission critical business functions. The unique benefit afforded by this architecture is having a rich digital library of smart applications, without the need for a trusted third party, without performance trade-offs and without having your data trail collected without your knowledge or consent.

For mission-critical enterprise applications, publishers and can opt for using Citadel's Private Sidechains (CPS), which creates a private corporate environment that is permissioned and cannot be accessed by unauthorized entities. Due to Citadel Network's innate privacy features, private sidechains are truly private and their existence cannot be determined or tracked by any outsiders. This invariably leads to an increase in operational efficiency and lowers costs, making CPS-hosted Sentinel Apps well suited for driving large scale business adoption.

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Private Smart Contracts - Enforceable, Encrypted Smart Business Agreements

With the introduction of private smart contracts, Citadel aims to provide a framework for creating, executing and verifying cross-party agreements with special commercial terms.

Understanding that sensitive commercial and financial data must not be compromised, Citadel leverages its audit-resistant blockchain infrastructure to ensure that contractual content remains invisible to unauthorized parties or publicly at all times, while allowing authorized parties to verify that agreed-upon terms are satisfied.

The ability to store data privately and securely on the Citadel Platform coupled with the ability to perform advanced conditional computation results in a very wide range of cross-industry business applications, such as enforcing real-world contracts, ensuring delivery-on-payment and counterparty compliance.

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Private Side Chains - Blockchain-As-A-Service, Tailored To Your Business Needs

Citadel empowers business and individuals to create their own uniquely-tailored private blockchains that suit their individual needs.

Every Citadel launched sidechain will be a derivative of the main Citadel Blockchain, and have a two-way peg back to it, allowing for seamless exchange of information on-demand. Private Sidechains will be a store of data and value and can be run on any number of nodes around the world, making them ideal for use by decentralized applications and consensus-backed issued assets.

The main benefit is that Citadel sidechains will be private and not publicly visible, as well as have a set of custom configurable governing parameters that dictate each chain's nature, behavior, requirements, structure and pre-defined assets. Conversely, having dedicated chains for specific applications will offload computation and storage requirements from the main chain, allowing the Citadel to assign resources to more general purpose operations and network-wide data validation.

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Citadel Assets - Secure Your Property On The Blockchain, Forever

Citadel Assets provide individuals, businesses and organizations with a mechanism to solidify ownership over both digital and physical real-world assets using the power of Citadel Network's trustless consensus.

As assets are issued on the Citadel Blockchain, being a decentralized and trustless public ledger, any risk of database corruption for any centralized organizations, whether governments or otherwise, is therefore eliminated. This ensures that any asset retains a persistent representation on the Citadel Blockchain that can be transacted and transferred at any time. Transferring of asset ownership can be supervised using Citadel's private smart contracts mechanism to ensure that ownership is retained until all contractual terms are fully carried out, creating powerful safeguards that are incorruptible or subject to individual interpretation.

To further solidify individual ownership, assets can be coupled with identity-based C-Keys, to protect against re-issuance under a different identity (asset double spend), and require a C-Key signature for any pending transaction involving the assets in question, adding a much needed layer of security against digital property theft. As identity association is strictly optional, Citadel Assets will allow anyone to own any asset without having to disclose their identity publicly, and will open the door to billions of unbanked world citizens in need of such a platform.

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Citadel Encrypted Messenger - Send Files and Messages Secretly to Anyone, Anywhere In The World In Seconds.

Citadel's Encrypted Messenger is a decentralized service for sending end-to-end encrypted data-rich communication between users. Its architecture has no singular points of failure, and allows you to restore your entire communication history using your private view key, without relying on any centralized or cloud hosting services.

While currently available as an in-wallet service, future platform enhancements will allow developers to make use of advanced APIs to create rich interactive experiences between peers, communities and corporate entities, making the service more scalable, cost-effective and cross-device friendly.

The service includes two primary communication functions:

Citadel Messaging - encrypted, self-destructing untraceable on-chain messaging, enabling multiple communication channels between peers and wide distribution lists.

Citadel File Share - send and receive files using the distributed, storage-efficient and persistent IPFS internet infrastructure. Sent files are encrypted and anonymized, ensuring that only the relevant parties can locate and access sent data.

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Upgrade To ASIC
Resistant mining algorithm CryptoNight (V7).
PoW Difficulty adjustments
Implementation of Zawy's Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA)
Encrypted Messaging 2.0
Encrypted, self-destructing untraceable on-chain communication, allowing anything from text messages to full scale e-mail distribution.
Citadel Vault
Interest-yielding term deposits and withdrawals, rewards long term holders and creating long-term market liquidity used to fuel the Citadel economy.
Decentralized File Transfer
And Hosting
Redundant and persistent file storage and transfer powered by the global IPFS network. Uses zlib compression for network resource efficiency.
E-Commerce wordpress plugins for merchant API integration and Point-of-Sale purchases. Will form the basis of our upcoming remittance and settlement network.
Gemstone Variant
Enhancing chain economics by remodeling the deposit interest rate and block rewards to lower inflation, thus creating greater scarcity and preserving long term value.
Paper Wallet
A simple wallet capable of generating a public wallet address and its corresponding private key. The paper wallet will primarily be intended for security-focused users and use cases, by allowing offline and cold storage use, reducing online security threats and attack vectors.

In Progress

Web, Android And iOS Wallets
Intuitive, easy to use, light clients for mobile devices, either downloadable via Google Play and Apple Store or available via every modern web browser. The mobile wallets will tie into our mass adoption strategy by lowering the entry barrier for the average user into the Citadel platform. Later versions will support enhanced Citadel services and participation on-the-go.
Sentinel Network
A robust infrastructure enabling a programmable, scalable and distributed network of self-hosted applications known as Sentinel Apps. Sentinel Network will enable 3rd party apps to interact with Citadel's core layer and enhanced functions and power flexible development and execution.
BitKYC Protocol
An identity registration, attribution and verification solution using encrypted ID-specific, blockchain-hosted key pairs. with bitKYC, users will be able to register their real-world identity into a cryptographically-unique digital footprint which they own, and use its as Proof-of-Ownership for accessing digital and real-world services. The bitKYC digital ID cannot be modified, tempered with or stolen in any way, and will form the basis of combating the growing global trend of identity theft crime.
Castle Variant
Implement major anonymity upgrades at the core protocol level and enforce stricter default privacy policies. This is to reduce potential linkability and usage analysis threats even further. It will also enable Citadel to become a privacy leader in the cryptographic anonymity arena.
A unique, one-to-one, persistent address aliasing mechanism on the Citadel network. Using NoteAlias, users will be able to create an alias (User ID) for their public address and receive funds directly to their chosen alias, eliminating the need to send long, unintuitive public addresses for payment. NoteAlias is Citadel's adaptation of the OpenAlias protocol for the CryptoNote sphere.
An industry-first, next-generation, highly decentralized PoW algorithm specifically made for CryptoNote privacy.


GUI Wallet Improvements
Revamping the GUI wallet for a more unified look-and-feel and user experience.
New Exchange Listings
To encourage broader participation and mass adoption, the Citadel core team will focus on getting CTL trading pairs listed on key exchanges, thus growing the ecosystem even further.
Smart Market Rate
A core mechanism for dynamically modifying the base deposit interest rate for each term depending on CTL's daily liquidity (percentage of locked coins). Rate will decrease with greater liquidity and increase with lower liquidity. The network itself will re-evaluate and set the new rate every N blocks without requiring input from any trusted 3rd parties.
Creation and distribution of user-friendly online educational content, focusing on blockchain technology usage and its benefits. There will be special focus placed on the services that Citadel will power and the value derived from their educated usage.
Private Smart Contracts
Programmable, self-executing contracts will add a metadata context layer to on-chain transactions, allowing participants to enforce transactional terms and ensure delivery and counterparty compliance. Citadel's smart contracts will be completely private and untraceable to 3rd parties.
The ability to issue tokens of ownership against any asset, whether physical or digital, against a preset number of Citadel coins. Combined with Citadel's bitKYC protocol, asset issuance will have a multi-layered ownership scheme, by using both private digital identity and proof of C-Key ownership. Citadel's C-Assets will allow anyone to own any asset without having to disclose their identity publicly, and will open the door to billions of unbanked world citizens in need of such a platform.
Sentinel Apps
Decentralized, private and censorship-resistant applications. Utilizing both the robust Sentinel Network and the on-chain private smart contract infrastructure, 3rd party developers and service providers will be able to create high-performance, privacy-centric end-user applications.
Citadel PSD2API Service
an intelligent and powerful data access, collection and aggregation service that aims to create a cost-effective PSD2 compliance solution for the banking industry, using Citadel's robust, in-house unified infrastructure.
and Settlement Network
Leveraging our core services such as bitKYC, Point-of-Sale integration, marketplace, private smart contracts and Sentinel Network, CRSN will constitute the first iteration of a decentralized private bank, allowing for credit card issuance, swift-like settlement network and scalable payment gateway.
Scalability Proposal Alpha
Citadel's own approach to a modern scalable payment network, by increasing TPS performance and lowering confirmation times.

Blockchain Design Parameters

Name: Citadel (CTL)

Consensus mechanism: CPU Proof-of-Work (PoW)

PoW Algorithm: BlimpHash-B with Zawy LWMA (Linear-Weighted Moving Average)

Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA): First in the CryptoNote space to implement both

Total supply: 12.9m (See explorer for accurate numbers)

Max supply: 18.5m with long tail emission

Annual interest rate: 12% first year, 8% seccond year and 6% third year and beyond

Premine/ICO: N/A

Block rewards: 5 per block

Block target time: 4 minutes

Mining CTL

CTL can be mined by CPU only using our CLI Daemon.